NAB chairman flayed by opposition

ISLAMABAD: The chairman of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Justice ® Javed Iqbal is continuously under target by Pakistan Peoples’ Party leader and Senate’s Deputy Chairman Saleem Mandviwala, PML-N and several leaders of other opposition parties.

In a latest attack, Saleem Mandviwala blamed the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for the suicide of Brigadier (retd) Asad Munir, a former member of the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

Talking to media outside PIMS Hospital in Islamabad, referring to the alleged suicide of Brigadier (retd) Asad Munir, who was found dead at his home last year, he said, “Interesting thing that I came to know. He said that his wife had saved him in the first suicide attempt of Asad Munir but he could not survive in the second attempt.

ISLAMABAD: Saleem Mandviwala, Deputy Chairman, Senate, addressing media persons on Saturday after visiting family members of Brigadier ® Asad Munir in Islamabad who committed suicide. The daughter of late Asad Munir also stands (extremely left) along with him.

“Humiliating people, waving their turbans so that they can’t be a part of this society, I don’t think an institution can do that, someone can do it individually but an institution can do it to someone,” he said. Can’t even get him to commit suicide. “

“I have spoken in detail to Asad Munir’s wife and daughter and we will take the matter to the Human Rights Commission,” he said.

Saleem Mandviwala said that he would write a letter to the Chief Justice again asking why no action had been taken on the letter written by Asad Munir and would also raise the issue in the Senate that a resolution had been passed in favor of Asad Munir. Go because the NAB was the cause of what happened.

“The NAB system eliminates a person so much that he prefers to die rather than go to jail,” he said.

“We will also raise this issue with the media, which has been happening over time,” he said.

NAB Chairman Justice R Javed Iqbal

Referring to the alleged suicide of a former senior bureaucrat, he said, “I will also visit Khurram Humayun’s house so that I can hear from his family what happened to him and where he came from and decided to take extreme measures.”

Asked about the chairman’s reaction, he said, “I said in the House yesterday that Parliament is also scared, every man is scared.”

“I urge General Qamar JavedBajwa to take note of this as well. If this can happen to retired soldiers, then there is no public hearing,” he said adding “We have to find a solution so that the NAB stop harassing the business community and the private sector.”

“I will continue my struggle and take MPs with me, while most MPs are scared because it is such a dirty institution that it sends notices to anyone who speaks,” the deputy chairman of the Senate said.

Brigadier R Asad Munir

Speaking on the occasion, Asad Munir’s daughter said, “I stand with Saleem Mandiwala as long as human rights violations continue.”

“Asad Munir has been on ECL for 4 years. If someone is left so lonely, he goes into depression. My father had no corruption case, no trial and no warrant,” he said.

“The job of the army chief is to serve us. I will tell him that it is very sad if your organization does not support him for whom you compromise on many things,” he said.

He added that the army chief should support human rights instead of supporting the operation.