Hareem Shah explains her position on links with certain politicians


KARACHI: Popular TikTok influencer Hareem Shah held a press conference on Monday in which she addressed a lot of things including reports that linked her with certain politicians. Speaking about recently -appointed Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed, Shah deemed him as a “brother” while also advising him to marry soon. Hareem Shah, who gained fame by making videos with politicians, showbiz and celebrities, advised Sheikh Rashid that she should get married now.

Speaking at a press conference in Karachi, Hareem Shah said that she was going to launch a cheap (less expensive) project to build houses for the citizens of Karachi in collaboration with a construction company, Dawn has reported. Harim Shah has 4.9 million followers on the video-streaming platform TikTok.

During the press conference, he spoke openly on the construction project, but also on issues such as Prime Minister Imran Khan and the government’s failure to deliver on its promises to provide jobs to the poor and provide affordable housing.

KARACHI: Popular TikTok influencer Hareem Shah holds a press conference at Karachi Press Club on Monday.

During the press conference, Tik Tak Star also spoke briefly about the virality of videos of politicians and other important personalities and said that whether one’s videos are viral or not is everyone’s personal issue, we should cover up such issues.

In this regard, she mentioned Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid and said that if her personal videos go viral, it is her own problem, she will not say anything in this regard. At the same time, he advised Sheikh Rashid in front of the media that he should get married now.

When Sheikh Rashid was advised to get married, there was a lot of laughter and Hareem Shah himself laughed.

Journalists later asked him what would happen if Sheikh Rashid offered him marriage. On which Hareem Shah explained that the Home Minister is like her brothers. After declaring Sheikh Rashid as a brother, Hareem Shah laughed again and also talked about his marriage.

Answering a question from journalists, Hareem Shah clarified that she has no intention of getting married yet and whenever she gets married, she will tell everyone who she is marrying.

It may be recalled that in the past, the video of Sheikh Rashid and Hareem Shah talking on the phone went viral, on which Tik Tak Star explained that the said video was leaked by a friend of theirs. Hareem Shah had claimed in an interview given to Sama TV host Nadeem Malik after the video went viral that Sheikh Rashid and his friend who leaked the video of his video call were married to Sheikh Rashid. ۔

However, he did not name the girl and at the insistence of the host, Hareem Shah said that he was abroad and according to the law there, he could not name the girl who had married Sheikh Rashid. Was Sheikh Rashid had termed such claims of Hareem Shah as false.

In addition, tick-tock videos made in Hareem Shah’s Interior Ministry office also went viral, while videos made with him and other personalities also went viral. Hareem Shah’s fame grew only after he made videos with politicians and celebrities and leaked them. Videos of Hareem Shah and his partner Tuck Tucker Sandal Khattak also went viral on TV host Mubashir Luqman’s helicopter, and the TV host later accused the models of stealing.