Farooq Haider appreciates role of overseas Kashmiris for highlighting Kashmir issue


ISLAMABAD: The AJK Prime Minister Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan has lauded the vibrant role of overseas Kashmir for effectively projecting the plight of Kashmiri people and Indian forces over the globe.

He was talking to the Chairman of the Jammu and Kashmir right to self-determination movement Raja Najabat Khan here on Wednesday. The Prime Minister said that India despite using all means of repressions has failed to crush the indigenous struggle launched by the people of occupied Kashmir for attaining their fundamental right to self-determination. He said a step taken by the Indian government to consolidate her illegal hold over occupied Kashmir is an open challenge not only for the United Nations but international community as well.

The Prime Minister stressed the need to further expose the flagrant human rights violations and Indian illegal and immoral steps taken in occupied Kashmir over the globe. He also called for maintaining close liaison among human right organizations and international human rights bodies working abroad to expose effectively Indian forces carnage, unprecedented atrocities and systematic killings of Kashmiri at the hands of brute Indian forces in occupied Kashmir.  

The Prime Minister urged upon the United Nations to grant the Kashmiri people their fundamental right to self-determination and allow them to exercise their right of franchise   through holding an impartial plebiscite to decide their future.

Speaking on the occasion Raja Najabat Hussain briefed the Prime Minister about the activities of his organization abroad and added that the basic objective of his organization which  is a non-political is aimed at maintaining close contact with members of the parliaments and media persons all over the world to apprise them about the genesis of Kashmir liberation struggle and projecting this core issue in its true perspective at international level.