Pakistan presents dossier against India to UN chief


UNITED NATIONS: Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Munir Akram has said that he  on Tuesday handed over to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres a dossier on India’s campaign to promote terrorism and subversion in Pakistan, and urged him to prevail on New Delhi to “desist from these illegal and aggressive activities.”

He said that he told the UN chief to take note of the fact that India was violating international law, the UN Charter and Security Council resolutions by stoking terrorism. “We have urged the Secretary-General to play his role in persuading India to halt its terror and subversive campaign against Pakistan,” he said at a press conference at the Pakistan mission.

Pakistan, he said, will draw the attention of the relevant UN bodies, including the Security Council, to India’s sponsorship of terrorism, while reserving its right to self-defence.

Replying to a question, Ambassador Akram said that the secretary-general praised Pakistan’s fight against terrorism, pointing out that, as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, he had witnessed the operations Pakistani forces had conducted in eliminating terrorists.

Ambassador Akram told reporters that the dossier has been prepared after full investigation of India’s “systematic campaign” to promote terrorism and subversion in Pakistan.

Pakistan, he said, was responsible for the decimation of Al-Qaeda and its affiliates through effective military operations since 2014.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will “study” the dossier that Pakistan gave him on Tuesday, Deputy Spokesman Farhan Aziz Haq has said. “We have received the document, and we will study that — that’s as much as the reaction I have at the moment,” the spokesman said in response to questions at the regular noon briefing in New York on Wednesday.