Lord Nazir Ahmed takes retirement, will challenge ‘CC’ recommendation


LONDON: In an unexpected move, Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham has taken retirement from House of Lords telling the House that he wants to look after his seriously ailing wife and is not in a position to give required time to the Parliamentary obligations. Mrs. Ahmed is suffering from cancer for a long time and is stated critical ill.

He took the decision at a time when a Conduct Committee of the House of Lords in its report recommended that he be expelled for allegedly exploiting a vulnerable woman. The House of Lords Conduct Committee concluded Lord Ahmed emotionally “exploited” British Pakistani woman Tahira Zaman, who came to him for help in 2017 in connection with a personal issue.

Lord Nazir Ahmed

The House of Lords Conduct Committee published a report into the conduct of Lord Ahmed finding him in breach of the Code of Conduct for “failing to act on his personal honour in relation to his behaviour towards Tahira Zaman, the complainant who alleged that Lord Ahmed developed inappropriate relation with her after she sought his help in early 2017”.

Lord Ahmed had announced his resignation from the House of Lords on Monday evening but the report, published following day on Tuesday, said that he should have been expelled from the House of Lords. The Lord Speaker on Monday announced in the UK Parliament that Lord Nazir Ahmed has retired at the start of business on November 16, 2020.

Soon after publication of the report, Lord Nazir announced he will challenge findings of the 270- page report at the European Court of Human Rights. He also denied the charges levelled the affected lady and referred in the report. But the close sources have said that Nazir Ahmed has smelt and considered it better and comparatively ‘honourable’ to disassociate the Upper House of the Parliament.

He will keep the title of Lordship as he had been appointed peer for life but would not be able to participate in session and legislation process.