JKLF congratulates Joe Biden asks to intervene in Kashmir issue


LONDON: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front ( JKLF) has congratulated Joe Biden and his running mate Senator Kamala Harris on their success in the US Presidential election.

Zafar Khan

In the statement Zafar Khan head of JKLF’S, Diplomatic Bureau urged President-elect Mr. Joe Biden to make an early intervention to resolve the long-standing Kashmir issue, in accordance with the unfettered sovereign right of over 21 million people of Jammu Kashmir to decide on the political status of their homeland.
Zafar Khan reminded the US President-elect that the Kashmir issue remains a major source of a wider conflict in the region among the occupying three nuclear powers, while the people of Jammu Kashmir continue to suffer grave injustices since 1947.
He pointed out that the US as the most powerful nation in the world has a leadership role, which he expected that the Biden administration will exercise in actively seeking to resolve the conflict.
He hoped that the Biden admiration will call on India to lift the siege which is imposed on the people of Indian occupied Jammu Kashmir when she illegally annexed the internationally disputed State on 5 August 2019.
Zafar Khan urged President-elect Biden that his administration will call on India to reverse the illegal annexation while calling on Pakistan not to follow India in annexing Gilgit Baltistan as a province of Pakistan.
He hoped that the Biden administration will take an extended view of the region, and enable regional nations- India, Pakistan, and China, along with the Kashmiris, to engage within the UN framework for an equitable, and long term people-centric resolution of the Kashmir issue. He urged fellow Kashmiris throughout the world, and especially those in the US, to engage through correspondence, with the Biden administration regularly on the Kashmir issue.