Met joins police forces nationally to intensify action against knife crime


LONDON: From Monday, 9 November, the Metropolitan Police Service have joined other police forces around the country in coordinated efforts to tackle knife crime and wider violence as part of Operation Sceptre.
Officers from across the Met will be involved in a range of operational activity, including carrying out weapons sweeps and patrols in the areas where violence occurs most. We know that drugs are linked to a high proportion of the violence in London, so officers will also be using Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology to target those using the road networks to supply drugs and, in the process, exploiting vulnerable people and children. In addition, the Met will be teaming up with colleagues from the British Transport Police and deploying drug detection dogs as well as knife arches to deter criminals in and around transport hubs.
Alongside enforcement, there will be a strong focus on education, diversion and prevention. Officers will be talking with young people, offering details of support services available and valuable information to inform them of the devastating consequences of carrying a knife. Officers will also be engaging with businesses to ensure they do not sell knives irresponsibly, to a vulnerable young person.
Commander Jane Connors, the Met’s Violence Lead, said: “We know the heart breaking impact of knife crime on families and communities in London which is why, despite this epidemic, tackling it remains a priority for everyone in the Met.
“We are committed to not only bearing down on high harm offenders but also preventing violence from occurring in the first place, with officers putting a focus on education and intervention with young people.

Community intelligence can be used to great effect to not only detect, but also prevent crime, keep London safe and save young lives. No detail you might have is too small – every bit of information helps towards the fight against knife crime in London.
If you don’t want to speak to the police, contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. They are a totally independent charity and you remain 100 per cent anonymous, they never ask your name and they cannot trace your call, your IP address or device you use. Alternatively, visit their website

If you are worried about someone you suspect may be carrying a knife or other weapon, advice and support is also available through organisations including Knife Free and Fearless: