Tauqir and Zain jailed for five and half years over street mugging


BRADFORD: A family man was beaten with a baseball bat and robbed after phoning for help when he found a smashed-up car, Bradford Crown Court heard. His assailants, Tauqir Saeed and Zain Hussain, were jailed for the street mugging that left him with a cut head and bruising to his face and arm.

The victim was out walking with his wife and two young children when he came across the crashed Vauxhall Astra on a dirt track off Hazelhurst Terrace in Daisy Hill, Bradford. He was calling the police in case anyone had been injured in the crash when Saeed and Hussain were dropped off from a vehicle and began shouting at him, prosecutor Andrea Parnham said.

Tauqir Saeed and Zain Hussain

Hussain, 26, of Pearson Lane, Daisy Hill, followed the man while Saeed, 23, of nearby Hazelhurst Brow, reversed the damaged car off the track and parked it

Saeed then attacked the victim, striking him several times to the head with an aluminium baseball bat. The man wrestled the weapon off him but went to the floor and was punched and kicked.

He flagged down a taxi and asked the driver to call him an ambulance, Miss Parnham said. But the defendants reappeared and assaulted him again. They went through his pockets and stole both his phone and his wife’s that he had with him. Saeed and Hussain were quickly arrested and Hussain had the stolen phones with him.

Saeed and Hussain pleaded guilty to robbery and were sentenced on video links to the prisons where they were on remand. Saeed was jailed for three years and Hussain for two and a half years.

Saeed was the main mover, striking the victim with the bat, but Hussain had punched him when he was on the ground. Both men came from decent families and had gone off the rails at the time, Judge Mansell said.