Indian diaspora in Canada, Malaysia and Tokyo hold protest against Pakistan


TORONTO: Indian diaspora on Saturday staged a protest outside Pakistan Consulate, Toronto Canada to register their protest over Pakistan’s attack and invasion on October 22, 1947.

The diaspora called this day a Black Day in humanity’s history. The protesters chanted ‘Band Kero Band Kero, Pakistan Dehshat Gardi Band Kero” (Pakistan! Stop Terrorism), “Kashmir Gilgit Baltistan – Sab hei Hindustan.” They urged the Pakistani government to end terrorism.

TORONTO (Canada): Indian diaspora staged a protest against Pakistan sponsored terrorism & observed ‘Black Day’ in remembrance of Pak’s invasion of Kashmir in 1947, in Toronto on Saturday. (ANI Photo)

“We are gathered here to protest against the genocide committed upon the people of Kashmir in 1947 by the terrorist state of Pakistan. On October 22, Pakistan army and its tribal force organised gathered forces, led by a Pakistani major that invaded into Kashmir, a peaceful Kashmir where there was no provocation against the Pakistani state and its people,” a protestor said..

The Protest was arranged by Hindu Forum Canada and Indo-Canadian Kashmir Forum. The members of ‘Canadians for Human Rights Watch’, ‘Canada India Global Forum’ and NIMITTEKAM CANADA also participated in this protest.

Protest in Malaysia

People staged a protest in front of the Pakistan Embassy in Malaysia on Thursday against the numerous atrocities and killings brought upon in the invasion of Jammu and Kashmir by Pakistan on October 22, 1947.

“22 Oct 2020 – Black Day against illegal Pakistani occupation – Seeking compensation for damage/loss of life and property,” read a banner during the protest in front of the High Commission for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Protests in Tokyo

A demonstration was staged on Thursday in front of the Pakistan Embassy in Tokyo to protest against the brutalities and horrors in Jammu and Kashmir during Pakistan’s invasion of the state on October 22, 1947. Several people held banners and posters reading ‘#22OCTBLACKDAY’ and ’22 October – A Day To Remember’, during their protest against the Pakistani invasion of