India asks Saudi Arabia to correct G-20 banknote depicting J&K as separate entity India to be made $5 trillion economy by 2024; vows Modi


NEW DELHI: India has conveyed its serious concerns to Saudi Arabia both in Delhi and in Riyadh over the distorted map depicting Jammu and Kashmir as a separate territory from India, in its newly released banknote, and urged it to take urgent corrective steps.
India has termed it an incorrect depiction of India’s external territorial boundaries, In the weekly media briefing Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said: “We have conveyed our serious concerns to Saudi Arabia both to ambassador and Riyadh , We have taken up this gross misrepresentation of India ‘s exterior territorial boundaries on official and legal bank note of Saudi Arabia , we have asked the Saudi Arabia to take urgent corrective steps in this regard.”
The banknote, a new 20 Riyal currency, was released on October 24 to commemorate Saudi Arabia’s presidency of organizing the G-20 on November 21-22. The note features Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and the 2020 G20 Summit logo on one side while the other highlights the G20 nations.
“We have seen bank notes and these bank notes have incorrect depiction of India ‘s external territorial boundaries” Srivastava said. “I would further like to reiterate here that union territories of Jammu and Kashmir and ladakh are integral parts of India,” the MEA spokesperson added.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

$5 trillion economy

Meanwhile, Indian Prime Minister Narendera Modi has said that the Indian economy is getting back on track faster than expected as a timely lockdown and various relief measures announced by the government helped address issues faced by all sections of society and all economic sectors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said.

He also expressed confidence that the target of making India a $5 trillion economy will be achieved by 2024, saying that the crisis gave the government an opportunity to carry out reforms that were waiting to happen for decades but no one took the initiative earlier.

“Reforms across sectors such as coal, agriculture, labour, defence, civil aviation and so on have been undertaken which will help us get back on the high growth path that we were on before the crisis,” PM Modi said in an interview published in the Economic Times newspaper on Thursday.

On COVID-19 vaccine, he said every Indian will be vaccinated as and when a vaccine becomes available, though the focus initially would be on protecting the most vulnerable and the frontline workers.

PM Modi reiterated that there should be no room for complacency in fighting this virus and the only way forward is to take precautions such as wearing masks, hand washing and social distancing.

He said the government in the very beginning decided to be proactive and introduced a timely nationwide lockdown.

“We not only got the broad timing of various phases of lockdown right, we also got the unlock processes right and much of our economy is also coming back on track. The data for August and September indicates that,” he said.

He said this is a new virus and countries which had initially controlled the outbreak are now reporting a resurgence.

“The geographical spread of India, population density, the regular social gatherings must be kept in mind when we look at these numbers and seek to compare with others. Many of our states are larger than countries,” he added.