UK records over 200 daily Covid-19 deaths


LONDON: The UK has recorded 241 Covid-related deaths in a single 24-hour period – the highest number since June 5. England recorded 213 deaths, Wales 10, Scotland 15 and Northern Ireland three. The figures represent deaths within 28 days of a positive Covid-19 test that were recorded in the 24 hours up to 5pm on Monday (for England and Wales) or 9.30am on Tuesday (for Scotland and Northern Ireland).

The UK last saw 200 deaths recorded in a single 24-hour period on June 5 when 258 deaths were reported, Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) figures show. 

The DHSC’s overall death toll, measured since the start of the pandemic, has now risen to 43,967. But due to how and when deaths are reported this doesn’t tell the full story – here’s how to interpret the daily updates.

Deaths remained below 20 each day for the entirety of August and the first half of September, but have since been rising. On July 30, the UK hit the milestone of recording no new deaths with the virus at all – though this did not become apparent until August, when data were revised to remove deaths that had occurred more than 28 days after diagnosis.

Meanwhile 21,331 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 were reported in the UK over the most recent 24-hour period, meaning the number of confirmed cases now stands at 762,542.