PTI and PML-N activists come face to face in London


LONDON: British police through their timely action, separated the aggressive diehard activists and supporters of Pakistan’s ruling party PTI and opposition PML-N and avoided any big untoward situation outside the residence of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif at Park Lane, central London on Friday evening.

When shouting PTI workers reached the venue, they had to face the challenge from already standing there the PML-N workers who were chanting slogans against the PTI Government holding Pakistani flags. The PML-N leaders already knew the programme of their arch rivals and were ready to face any odd situation but police kept pushing the workers of PTI and did not let them come to close to PML-N workers.

LONDON: PTI leader Sahibzada Jehangir leads the demonstration outside the residence of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Friday evening. (Nation picture)

The duty-bound police officers were very upset but absolutely active to keep law & order situation under their control. The residents of the area and other passers-by were astonished and were asking police deployed there in good number that how did they allow this ‘noisy’ demonstration amidst tough Covid-19 restrictions. “Hopefully, police will not give permit for such activities in next six months”, they said.

At a time when thousands of people were listening to opposition leaders and were waiting for the turn of PML-N leader and three-time Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Gujranawala, Punjab on late Friday evening, less than hundred (or estimated between 70 to 90) people demonstrated outside his luxurious residence in Park Lane, central London.

Call for protest was given and also led by Sahibzada Amir Jehangir, the Special Advisor to PM Imran Khan on Trade and Investment. He himself along with his supporters shouted the slogan ‘Nawaz Sharif is thief’, “Go back to country”. “Nawaz Sharif is corrupt”.

“Imran Khan is our honest leader and these are corrupt elements and dacoits. We are enough to show our loyalty and affiliation to most popular prime minister that Pakistan had has ever and he is undisputed and legend political leader”, Sahibzada Jehangir told ‘The Nation’.

Sahibzada Jehangir said that the demonstration was proved successful and patriotic Pakistanis showed their anger against Sharif family and love to their dear prime minister Imran Khan. “We shall continue to hold demonstration against these ‘thieves and dacoits’ till they return to Pakistan. Pakistan Government has every option to get them arrested and to take them back to the country through Interpol and other means”, he stated.

Completely ignoring UK government’s instructions of not gathering more than six people at a place and at a time, the PTI workers and activists stood in front of Nawaz Sharif’s residence in presence of police force and shouted abusive slogans “whole Sharif family is chor (thief)”, “Nawaz Sharif is dakoo (dacoit)”, “Go Nawaz go”, “Gali gali main shore hay – Nawaz Sharif chor hai” (Everywhere and everyone says Nawaz Sharif is thief), “Looti howi qaumi Daulat wapas karo” (Return the looted national wealth) etc etc.

At the other end, workers and supporters of PML-N showed their strength and raised the slogans against PTI, its government and Prime Minister Imran Khan.