IHC says there are two Pakistan, one for common man, other for upper class


ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice (CJ) Islamabad High Court (IHC) Athar Minallah has remarked “really there are two Pakistan one is of common man and the other is of upper class.  He further remarked “I am sure police will have not read this decision. Because IT related to report of some common man. If this happens with the court’s decision of common man then what will have been done with common man. 

CJ Athar Minallah

He observed “common man is not important man here, therefore, no one cares about him. Federal capital is meant for elite class. The priorities of the departments reflect from attitude of departments.

CJ IHC gave these remarks while hearing the matter of implementation of court’s orders in case of non-recovery of IT expert Sajid Mehmood who is missing since the last 5 years Monday.  The court ordered that compensation to the family members of missing citizen be paid.

The court ordered if the compensation is not paid till the next hearing then interior secretary and finance secretary will be summoned.  CJ IHC remarked as to why the court should not initiate proceedings due to non-implementation of decision of the court.

The court also summoned report from IG Islamabad about missing person till next hearing.  The defense counsel told the court Islamabad police have not filed report since the last two years.

CJ IHC remarked such attitude of the departments with the common man leads to destruction. Courts can only observe.

The court while addressing the police remarked “one person has gone missing from your area and you have admitted it as well. It is enforced disappearance. With whom responsibility rests with as per law, he will be responsible.  The court adjourned the hearing of the case till November 16.