Baloch students march to Islamabad demanding their right to education


LAHORE: The Baloch Students Council, which began its protest against the Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) 40 days ago, has now begun a protest march from the university campus in Multan to Islamabad after the scholarships for Baloch students were cancelled.

According to the list of demands put by the Council, the university administration must take back its decision and reopen the scholarships for Baloch students. It has also demanded that scholarships be issued for the seats of tribal areas of Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajan Pur.

QUETTA: Baloch students of Bahauddin Zakaria University marching towards Islamabad from Multan as they demand their rights to get an education during a protest, in Lahore on Thursday. (ANI Photo)

Earlier, the university had issued a notification cancelling the scholarships for Baloch students and justified it by saying that the decision came after a financial crisis. The students had been protesting for the past 40 days. However, the issue remained unheard just like other issues of Baloch students.

Now, they have begun marching towards Islamabad, and are marching at this very moment when this report is being written.

“It is very common for people of Balochistan to protest against other political and human rights issues, but here we are standing just to ask for our basic right of education. Unfortunately, even for education, we have to come out on the streets and cry for such petty things,” the students said.

According to reports, the members of the Baloch Students’ Council have received overwhelming support from other Baloch students’ organisations.

Protests like this give rise to questions about the treatment of Baloch students by the Pakistani state institutions. Basic things like the right to education are being snatched from them and they are forced to protest outside the universities instead of attending classes. (ANI)