London restrictions could increase within a week; warns Sadiq Khan


LONDON: Mayor Sadiq Khan has warned that London could be put in a stricter lockdown within days. The government unveiled a three-tier system of restrictions in England to try to stop Covid spreading.

London is classed as Tier One, the lowest level, and subject to national rules including the rule of six and the 22:00 curfew on hospitality venues. “Londoners should understand that this could change very quickly – potentially even this week,” the mayor said.

Mayor Sadiq Khan

Mr Khan’s spokesman said: “The virus is now spreading very quickly in every corner of London. The number of cases is rapidly increasing and all the indicators we look at are moving in the wrong direction.

“Discussions with London leaders, scientific advisers and the government will continue over the coming days and the mayor will be as clear as possible with Londoners about what they can expect as soon as possible.”

Covid-19 has been spreading far slower in London’s compared to areas in Tier-Two lockdown. London’s infection rate is roughly what other large cities currently in Tier-Two lockdown saw a month ago. In the week to 9 October, the infection rate across London was 77.8 cases per 100,000 population.

Newcastle has a rate of 72 infections per 100,000 in the week to 11 September. The figure has now increased to 500 cases per 100,000 as the virus spread. Liverpool City Region, where infection rates have breached 600 cases per 100,000, is currently the only area facing Tier Three restrictions.

In London there are currently 338 people in hospital with cases of Coronavirus. In hospitals in the North West of England there 1,218 cases. While in hospitals across the North East and Yorkshire there are 914 cases of Coronavirus. The locations under the rules would be reviewed every 14 days with the regulations themselves reviewed every 28 days.