Pak state in state of confusion


By Senator Rehman Malik

Our country Pakistan is passing through a state of confusion where there is no certainty of happenings at the national level. We seem to be directionless and think that some flattery media reports can satisfy the public whereas the public wants to see on the ground the improvement in the life of a common man by experiencing the change. The people are passing through an unfortunate era of dissatisfaction at present times in overall governance and economy.

The businessman is upset as he is uncertain about the future of his business ventures as he is confused about frequent changes in trade, import, and export policies.

The major local home-grown industry is dependent on imported raw material and with hype in the dollar made major raw materials to jump in the prices and hence this increase in prices brought very adverse effects on the local industries which were already crippled with a high rate of bank interests. The stability of a country depends on stable political and economic systems whereas an unstable and confusing system brings national growth under stress.

The state needs to bring unity within every segment of the society but we have been suffering from of kind trend which is full of internal tensions.

This distressing system is multiplying many issues on daily basis and it looks as if this is running on a day-to-day basis. All political parties have been forced to come out against the government that itself having failed to create unity among all the ranks and files of the main administrative and operational structure of the society.

ISLAMABAD: Former President and Co-Chairperson, Pakistan Peoples’ Party, Asif Ali Zardari coming out of National Accountability Court after attending hearing in Park Lane and Thatta Water References case on Monday (October 6). The court has indicted him in both references. Making cases, charging and indicting politicians has become a matter of routine nowadays in Pakistan.

Civil-military relation is very important for our country and it has been recently fragmented by some recent statements by government ministers. They are making that information public, which was to be confidential, contrary to the national interests and that has further confused the already fragile situation.

Everyone has different views on the ongoing row between opposition and government and if the state matters are not run further to the stated norms, the public will be under more grip of confusion and the country will suffer more and more.

A wave of an internal tussle has arisen within the corridor of power as well which will make it more difficult for PM Imran Khan to run the state affairs smoothly. These failures will reflect negatively on the present parliamentary system as the state apparatus is continuously fragmented due to various unsustainable blows.

It looks that the APC called by the Opposition has forced the government to bring the opposition under further pressure by the recent move of roping in of Maulana Fazlur Rehman by NAB which will provide a reason to create unrest leading to protests by his supporters and madrasa students especially in KPK and Balochistan, where JUI has a stronghold and there will be more unrest in KPK and the capital whereas Maulana Fazlur Rehman will do his best to show his street power.

It looks sooner or later the other political parties will join Maulana Fazlur Rehman whereas PTM is already supporting him. It looks like some more prominent politicians will soon be arrested and the old political arms twisting era will strike back and a wave of victimisation could visibly be seen increasing. There are reports that there will be some high-profile convictions in the country in the coming months which will further create political negative hype and political demoralisation.

It looks that half-hearted attempts of opposition on PM Imran Khan will make him more furious and he may take any adverse administrative action at any level to try to consolidate his grip on the institutions and other organs of the system. There is no clarity in our political directions. The present ongoing system has failed to reduce poverty and the price hike has increased by many folds and price hike slogan may force a common man to come out on the streets which will add further law and order situations.

The rupee is further sliding down and inflation showing an upward trend whereas the growth rate is going down with no additional measures to improve it. The pandemic of COVID-19 is further gripping the country and both public and government are acting as if the coronavirus had already ended.

The wave of the corona is likely to jolt badly as the government statements have created the impression that the coronavirus has been controlled. This new wave will be another negative factor for the economy. It is unfortunate to state that our country is facing all these uncontrolled negative blows which are not a healthy sign for the economy and the stability of the country. What options do we have with the present unfortunate scenario when hyperactive politics is enlarging its roots of polarisation. The non-transparent and non-friendly politics is reducing the space for real democracy. We play cosmetic politics for the public and believe more in undercover politics to serve our motives whereas political science has its revenge to expose hypocrisy and dishonesty by many in the public domain. The ultimate sufferers of such a depleted political system are the common men.

My above narration is basically with strong advice to avoid political divide which I have been advocating for a long. The political divide is a dangerous process that has already given us irreversible setbacks and the country cannot afford any political or religious divide in the present situation. I hope the government starts working to bring the political elite on one page on national issues.

I pray that may we pass through this phase of political confusion without any major debacle and may God protect our country and give our leaders the wisdom to come out of the dangerous syndrome of false egos. The nation needs to converge to unity and not towards further polarisation. The capital is buzzing with the sound of negative rumours nowadays and let’s hope it may not face some jolts in the coming days which is detrimental to our national interests.

Note: Opinions expressed are solely my own and not necessarily to reflect the views or opinions of my party. The writer is former interior minister of Pakistan, Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior and Chairman of Think Tank “Global Eye”. He can be reached at:, Twitter @Senrehmanmalik