Modi urges for world protection against weaponization of AI by non-state actors


NEW DELHI: Laying stress on the need of protecting the world “against weaponization of Artificial Intelligence by non-state actors”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said the government is keen that India becomes a hub of AI and many Indians are already working on this.  

Inaugurating the RAISE 2020 virtual summit, he said that the national programme on artificial intelligence will be dedicated towards rightful use of AI for solving problems of society. He said he sees a big role for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in empowering agriculture and healthcare.

He said people have experienced in India that technology improves transparency and service delivery. “We are home to the world’s largest unique identity system- Aadhaar. We also have the world’s most innovative digital payments system-UPI. This has enabled providing access to digital services, including financial services, like Direct Cash Transfers to the poor and marginalised. In the pandemic situation, we saw how India’s digital readiness was of great help,” he said.

NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses ‘The Responsible AI for Social Empowerment (RAISE 2020)’ Virtual Summit, in New Delhi on Monday. (ANI Photo)

“Now, we want India to become a global hub for AI.  Many Indians are already working on this. I hope many more do so in the times to come. Our approach to this is powered by core principles of – teamwork, trust, collaboration, responsibility and inclusivity,” he added.

He said at every step of history, India has led the world in knowledge and learning. “In today’s age of IT as well, India is making outstanding contributions. Some of the brightest tech leaders belong to India. India has also proved to be the power-house of the global IT services Industry. We will continue to digitally excel and delight the world,” he said.

The Prime Minister said that artificial intelligence is a tribute to human intellectual power. “It remains our collective responsibility to ensure trust in how AI is used.  Algorithm Transparency is key to establishing this Trust.  Equally important is accountability. We must protect the world against weaponization of AI by non-state actors,” he said.

The Prime Minister also said that people should think about simple and effective ways of how AI can empower Divyang sisters and brothers. He said that human creativity and human emotions continue to be India’s greatest strength.

“They are our unique advantage over machines. The smartest of AI cannot solve mankind’s problems without blending with our intellect and empathy. We should also think of how we will retain this intellectual edge over machines? We should ensure that we take care so that human intelligence is always a few steps ahead of AI. We should think about how AI can help humans to increase their own capacities. I want to state again:- AI will unlock the unique potential of each person. It will empower them to contribute more effectively to the society,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister said the power to think enabled humans to make tools and technologies. “Today, these tools and technologies have also acquired the power to learn and think! In this, one key emerging technology is AI. The teamwork of AI with humans can do wonders for our planet,” he said.