Adiala Jail houses over 5,000 inmates against capacity of 2,000


RAWALPINDI: Adiala Jail in Punjab is packed beyond capacity, housing over 5,000 inmates, far more than its existing capacity of a little over 2,000, according to a report. The report furnished to the Ministry of Interior states that the prison has a staggering 257 per cent more prisoners than its sanctioned capacity as it houses 5,591 prisoners as against its maximum capacity of 2,174.

The inmates include 3,385 under-trial prisoners (UTPs) and 1,884 convicts, the report said, adding the prison also houses 322 inmates awaiting court verdicts in their cases. 1,430 of the prisoners kept in Adiala Jail belong to Islamabad while 300 prisoners have been brought from other provinces.

Adiala jail

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Human Rights had furnished a report to the Supreme Court on the measures it had been taking to contain the spread of the coronavirus among inmates, painting a grim picture of conditions in the countrys overpopulated prisons.

The report stated prisons across Punjab, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwaare packed beyond capacity. The report said Punjabs 41 prisons house a total of 45,324 inmates, far more than the existing capacity of 32,000. Sindhs 24 prisons are too overpopulated with 16,315 prisoners. The total sanctioned strength of the provinces jails is 13,538.

Whereas, the situation in KPs jails is no different where 9,900 prisoners have been incarcerated in 24 jails which should house 4,519. However, Balochistans prisons with the sanctioned capacity of housing 2,550 inmates have only 2,122 prisoners.

Earlier, it was reported that the hardcore criminals imprisoned at country’s largest Adiala Jail are using cell and V-Wireless phones despite establishment of mobile phone jammers placed by the Pakistan Army and other law enforcement agencies to block signals.

“Moreover, the sale and use of narcotics has become routine among the several inmates of the jail,” reliable sources disclosed to The Nation here on Thursday. “The jail administration allegedly is playing some tricks to make the jammers dysfunctional whenever they want in a bid to facilitate the cell and V-Wireless phone users apparently against hefty bribes,” sources added.

 “This horrific act of jail administration is not only drilling the security blanket placed by the law enforcement agencies, including Pakistan Army inside and outside the jail to block communication but also posing threats to common people as the inmates are used to make threats, plan escapes and continue to make money from illegal activities even while behind the bars,” sources said.