Man sentenced to 22 years for murder in east London


LONDON: A man has been sentenced to 22 years in prison after a brutal stabbing in broad daylight at an east London park. Yasin Omar Amare, 29 of Pawleyne Close, Penge was found guilty of murdering GlebStanislavovitchZhebrovsky (known as GlebStalnoy) following a re-trial at the Old Bailey on Monday, 10 August.

The jury had failed to reach a verdict following the initial trial at the Old Bailey which concluded on 23 December 2019.

Yasin Omar Amare

He was sentenced at the same court on Friday, 28 August. The court heard how Amare and Gleb were known to each other through an acquaintance but relations between the pair had seemingly become fraught in the days leading up to the murder.

On the morning of 15 June 2019, Gleb and a friend were relaxing having been to the barbers when Amare sent a text to Gleb’s phone.

Gleb told his friend that he needed to go and see Amare with a view to resolving their issues. Both men went to a flat in Ellesmere Street, E14 where Amare was staying; they waited outside and spoke to Amare and another man through an open window of the flat. Amare told Gleb to meet him in nearby Lansbury Estate park.

Gleb and his friend went there and sat on the grass chatting; their demeanour giving the impression they were completely unaware of what was to come. A short time later, at around 14:00hrs, Amare and the other man approached.

Without warning, Amare brutally attacked Gleb with a knife, stabbing him three times in a matter of seconds.

He then turned and ran from the scene before returning to the flat. While Gleb lay dying on the floor, Amare took the DLR and then a train to Croydon in an attempt to evade capture.

Emergency services were called to the park but despite extensive efforts of paramedics, Gleb died at the scene at 14:37hrs.

A murder investigation was launched which quickly identified Amare as the prime suspect. Detectives traced Amare to a hotel in Thornton Heath, south London where he was hiding. He was arrested and initially denied all knowledge of the incident. As he was questioned further about the events in the park, he then refused to answer any questions.