Council of Mosques issues guidance on seminaries and children self-isolating


LANCASHIRE: Parents have been advised not to send their child to mosques and madressas if they have been sent home from school.

In a message to clarify guidance for parents and teachers the Lancashire Council of Mosques (LCM) said if a child was part of a year or class sent home from school then they should not then attend any mosque or madressa in the evening.

Mosques and Madressas across Lancashire reopened earlier this month. Some are continuing to host a mix of face to face classes and digital sessions whilst others have reopened fully in line with government guidelines.

If a child is sent home from school because of a confirmed coronavirus case, advice stipulates that they must self-isolate for 14 days. This means they should not leave home, meet up with friends or have guests over to the house.

Maulana Rafiq Sufi, Chair of the Lancashire Council of Mosques said, “I would like to share some information and clarifications. We know some pupils have been sent home from school due to the coronavirus cases.

“Maybe many children who are attending these schools also attend a Madrasah in the evening throughout East Lancashire. “If a child has been sent home due to a colleague in that bubble testing positive then that whole bubble will also need to go into self-isolation for 14 days.

“A child that has been sent home due to being a contact of the colleague who has been tested positive will have to stay in self-isolation and they will not be attending Madrasah for the next 14 days.”

A child’s immediate ‘bubble’ at Islamic class will be sent home in event of a positive test.

Maulana Sufi added, “If a child is tested positive then that child’s ‘Madrasah bubble’ will also be going into self-isolation for 14 days. “If a child starts to develop symptoms of Coronavirus at the Madrasah then the parents should be called in immediately and the child should get a test done as soon as possible. No action is required by the Madrasah at that time until the child’s results return back as positive”

The LCM has been working with Faith Associates who are providing COVID-19 Risk Assessments across the UK to ensure Mosques are COVID-19 Secure venues.

Many faith institutions followed government guidelines in order to first re-open following the national Lockdown in June and July. Faith Associates say a key part of being able to remain open, is having an adequate ‘Response Strategy’ to any potential COVID-19 outbreak in the institution.