“I was drug addict”; admits Kangana Ranaut


MUMBAI: Kangana Ranaut is one of the fiercest voices in Bollywood till date. The bold actress never minces any words in calling out the injustices prevailing in the Hindi film fraternity.

Kangana Ranaut

In a video that has been circulating widely on the web widely, Kangana states she was addicted to drugs.“Mein drug addict thi (I was a drug addict),” Kangana says in the viral video. According to Times of India, the video was shared by the actress on her account in March.

 Kangana revealed that she ran away from her house when she was a teenager and even admitted that she fell prey to drugs on her journey of finding success in Bollywood. “Bure vakt ko bura mat samajhna,” Kangana says while addressing the youth. 

She adds, “I became a film star in a couple of years. I was a drug addict. So much was happening in my life. I fell into the hands of wrong people and all of this happened while I was still a teenager. Imagine how dangerous I am,” she said with a smirk in the video.