“Awami Theater Festival” started in Karachi for ‘Covid depressed public’


KARACHI: Arts Council of Pakistan in Karachi is one institution that has been working towards promoting performing arts. The platform sets up training sessions, panel discussions, exhibitions and festivals within the domain of performing arts. It has played a key role in promoting the culture of theatre plays. All of Anwar Maqsood’s plays have been staged here. The upcoming Ankahi 2020, directed by Dawar Mehmood, is also set to hit the stage in October.

KARACHI: Arts Council President Ahmed Shah along with Secretary Ejaz Ahmed Faroqi, veteran artist Talat Hussain and other artists giving details of “Awami Theatre Festival at a press conference.

Along with commercial theatre, the Arts Council organizes various events to add to the cause. A recent addition is the upcoming Awami Theatre Festival 2020. It is all set to commence on September 18 at the Karachi Arts Council.

A press conference in this regard was held at Arts Council over the weekend. Attendees included president Ahmed Shah, Secretary Ejaz Ahmed Faroqi and veteran artist Talat Hussain in addition to the press. “During these circumstances, people got sick and depressed by sitting at home. A large number of technicians, actors and makeup artists were unemployed.

“Today, I am glad that Pakistan is in a much better situation, and thankfully, the happenings have begun. I along with the members of the governing body have decided to restart the activities with the Awami Theatre Festival and the first purpose of this festival is to spread joy among artists and members of the arts council,” noted Mohammad Ahmed Shah during the press conference.

Talat Hussain said that what Ahmed shah did for the arts council is no one did it before. People in London, France, and Russia acknowledge the efforts of Ahmed Shah. To make this festival a big hit we all should work together.

Speaking on the moment secretary Arts Council prof. Ejaz Ahmed Farooqi said that the arts council is for the benefits of artists.

The festival will start on Friday (September 18), will continue till 4th October and 18 dramas in different languages would be staged to entertain the public which are going through a phase of depression and frustration due to Covid restrictions for the last six months.