Pak SC says govt is ‘incompetent’ and ‘incapable’ of running country


ISLAMABAD: Pak Supreme Court has lashed at Federal Government and the Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed said on Tuesday that the federal government was neither competent nor capable of running the country.

The comments came as the CJP presided over the hearing of a case regarding unannounced loadshedding in Karachi, wherein the apex court severely admonished both the power division and the K-Electric (KE).

CJP Ahmed remarked that the power division’s report was made after taking money from KE. “The power division’s officer who submitted the report should be hanged,” the CJP observed. “How about laying off the joint secretary for such a report? We had sought a report on the prevalent situation, but he wrote about the future. They should inform us about what they are currently doing,” asserted the chief justice.

Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed

He added that “the power division’s officials should be taken to Karachi so that they can see how the public pelts them with stones.” “Their minds will come back to their senses after visiting the city,” the CJP remarked.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed further remarked that KE neither provides electricity to the public, nor pays its dues to the federal government.

“KE has not paid even a single penny to the government since 2015,” he said. “The government neither has the competency nor the capability to run the country, and hence, appears desperate,” CJP Gulzar further stated.

“The government is acting as a clerk or an accountant of the KE,” he said. The chief justice further observed that if the federal government could not bring KE under its writ, then it can’t bring the country under its writ either. “The federal government is powerless! What is it doing? Where is its writ? Will it run the country in such a manner?” the CJP further observed.

While speaking to the attorney general the chief justice maintained that the government apperas to be powerless in Karachi. “The people of Karachi have become hostages at the hands of K-Electric,” he said, adding that the power division is treating the city poorly.

To this, the attorney general replied that the special authority to generate electricity becomes null and void if KE does not have the capacity to generate it. “I withdraw the reply of the power division, will submit a new one,” the attorney general said.