Israel: Emerging might power with US backing


By Senator Rehman Malik

Israel is now emerging as a mighty power due to solid support from the USA during the recent past. It seems that both the US and Israel have solidified their co-existence and both are moving with a specific agenda.

Let us discuss how the west brought Israel into existence and how it was planted in the middle of the Arab world. The conflict of Israel and Palestine was bound to surface and the heavy loss of lives it resulted into, which has continued till today.

Initially, Pakistan had support from all countries of Muslim world against this newly-emerged state, but with the passage of time many Muslim countries gradually decreased their support whereas Pakistan stood for the cause of Palestine till today.

Palestine was part of the Ottoman Empire, Britain seized it after World War I and in 1917, Britain raised the issue for a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine, paving the way for present day Israel.

The Balfour Declaration was the effort of Britain which demanded protection for Arabs, but there was no mention of their political or national rights.

US President Donald Trump (L) and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hold up a Golan Heights proclamation outside the West Wing after a meeting in the White House in Washington, in March.

When the British mandate over the lands of Palestine began in 1922, the Jewish population was only about nine percent; this number increased to nearly 27 percent by 1935 with the immigration of European Jews under British allowance.

Israel was formally established after World War II when Holocaust became one of the major reasons for Jews to have a separate homeland for themselves, who were massacred in Europe in the 1940s under the Nazi regime.

Hence, mass migration of Jews to Palestine started to happen despite the fact that in 1939, it was stated in a British white paper that it would undertake a yearly migration of only 10,000 persons to Palestine.

Eventually after WWII, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution calling for Palestine to be divided between Arabs and Jews on November 29, 1947. This finally led to the establishment of Israel.

Israel by design and planning started working hard and its second generation have taken over almost the entire print and electronic media and especially took over the financial institutions and made their way into US politics.

Israelis have become so powerful that the elections in the US in terms of donations, have got high dependence on Israeli business community funding.

Israel used the US in the UN and ensured that the USA had a leading role in protecting their diplomacy.

The massacre by Israel by design in Palestine in order to bring demographic changes and from 20 percent of their land they have extended to 80 percent on Palestinian land. The massacre was so bad that the Palestinian Muslims were forced to migrate by leaving their lands and it will not be wrong to say that Israel managed to not only grab the land but also develop their technology which they sold out to the world including Muslim countries under European brands.

The demographic changes/reduction of Kashmir are the same model of killings of Palestinians by Israel which has been adopted by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Mossad is a child of the CIA but Mossad is now more competent and lethal. The way Israel has handled Hamas and other Palestinian organisations and its penetration in the camp of Yasir Arafat actually dented Palestine. A number of attempts were made on Yasir Arafat’s life and it is believed that Yasir Arafat was killed through slow poison by using his own people involved there.

I had written in my Article published under the name of “Setting the stage; Kashmir, Ladakh and World War III” that the

world must not forget that Israel is watching as a third party and it may jump in it once all these countries are made weak like in WW-I. Let us not forget that India has already accommodated Israel to use all of its defence and hardware and the US is India’s preferred defence partner. If war begins, then expect Israel to play its last role to convert it into a victory for the US. In the given situation, Pakistan as a nuclear state cannot remain isolated if this war erupts and will have no choice except to be on the side of China

It looks that there will be tremendous pressure on the Arab world from the US to recognise Israel. In reference to relation of Pakistan, the statement by the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah on October 12, 1945 is on record that which is reproduced as under:

“Every man and woman of the Muslim world will die before Jewry seizes Jerusalem. I hope the Jews will not succeed in their nefarious designs and I wish Britain and America should keep their hand off and then I will see how the Jews conquer Jerusalem. The Jews, over half a million, have already been accommodated in Jerusalem against the wishes of the people. May I know which other country has accommodated them? If domination and exploitation are carried now, there will be no peace and end of wars.”

The above statement shows the resentment of Quaid against the illegal control of Israel on the legitimate land of Palestine. Israel has a strong influence over the US, as there are more than 8 million Jews living in the USA. Israel with the passage of time will become stronger than America for many reasons and perhaps America also knows its capabilities and hence it is going along with Israel.

The Muslim states including Pakistan need to work out on the new world order which may come on the emergence of Israel with its mighty Mossad and high technology. We need to worry because Israel is the preferred defence partner of India.

It should also be worrying for us that Israel has now ingressed into our Arab neighbourhood. Now time will tell us as to how many more Arab countries will recognise it and what impact will come on the world, particularly in our region.

Let see the emergence list of August 2020, 163 of the 193 UN member states recognise Israel; thirty UN member states do not recognise Israel. These include 17 of the 22 members of the Arab League: Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen. A further nine are members of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brunei, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Mali, Niger and Pakistan. The other countries that do not recognise Israel are Bhutan, Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela.

Muslims countries that recognise Israel: Turkey was the first Muslim country to recognise Israel in 1949 while the relationship has been uneven since their 2010 nadir. Other Muslim countries to have recognised Israel are Jordan, Egypt, Iran and UAE. The above status of Israel indicates how Israel has penetrated all continents.

Pakistan will have to work out the growing risk as result of the new close partnership between Israel and India. It has been reported that India has deployed Israeli defence advisors and India has already given access to American and Israeli defence experts to design the counter war strategy against China. I have shown my apprehensions that the USA and Israel may use PM Modi for their evil designs in the region. The Muslim world must take note of ill motives of mighty Israel against them.

(Author Note: Opinion expressed in this article is solely my own and not necessarily to reflect the views or policy of my party.)