Javed Miandad criticises Imran Khan for ‘ruining’ cricket


KARACHI: In an interesting but concerning expression, former Pakistan skipper and cricket legend Javed Miandad made some explosive remarks against the country’s Prime Minister Imran Khan. Miandad accused Imran Khan of ruining the state of affairs of cricket in Pakistan by favouring foreigners over countrymen for several key positions in the Pakistan Cricket Board.

Javed Miandad

Miandad was indirectly referring to Wasim Khan, the CEO of PCB, and someone who was born and brought up in England. Miandad wasn’t happy that Imran appointed Wasim for an influential position in the country’s cricket board.

“All officials in the PCB do not know the ABC of the sport. I will talk to Imran Khan personally about the sad state of affairs. I will not leave anyone that is not right for our country,” Miandad said on his official YouTube channel.

“You appointed a foreigner on a key position. What will happen when he flees the country after doing corruption? Is there a shortage of people in your own country that you had to bring people from abroad to work in the PCB,” Miandad added.

Miandad went on to land some more barbs on Imran by stating that he acts like God now. He also claimed that Imran went to his home and ‘came out as a Prime Minister’. “I was your captain, you weren’t my captain. I’ll come to politics and then I’ll talk to you. I was the one who led you all the time, but you act like God now. It is almost like you’re the only intelligent person in this country as if no one has gone to Oxford or Cambridge or any other university in Pakistan. Think about the people,” said Miandad.

“You don’t care about the country. You came to my home and went out as a Prime Minister. I challenge you to deny this. What’s the meaning of being a Pakistani? To live and let live. Help your own. Be intelligent. I’ve echoed the nation’s voice. I know it is difficult for common people to raise their voice, but I’m at a position where I can raise their voice in front of the world,” said Miandad.

“I come from a different field. But I care about the world I live in, and I live among the people. And I’ve said this to Imran. I made him the Prime Minister,” he added.

Miandad is never the one to hold back and has often spoken his mind over several issues pertaining to cricket. His latest remarks went viral widely in Pakistan and outside.