India and Pakistan flags raised at Preston Town Hall


MANCHESTER: As part of South Asian Heritage month and Independence Day celebrations the flags of India and Pakistan have been raised alongside the Union flag at the front of Preston’s Town Hall.

South Asian Heritage Month (SAHM) looks to commemorate, mark and celebrate South Asian history and culture, as well as to better understand the diverse heritage that continues to link the UK and this part of the world.

Cabinet member for communities and social justice, Councillor Nweeda Khan, said,“I’m really pleased to be able to support and celebrate the South Asian communities of India and Pakistan here in Preston with these flags flying at the Town Hall. It’s important to share the significance and contributions of these communities with the people of Preston which makes our diverse city what it is today.

“The largest communities from South Asia in the city originate from both of these countries and with the current social restrictions, have not been able to celebrate many significant religious events as would usually be the case. I see this as a very positive gesture from the council and thank everyone involved.”

Cabinet member for environment and community safety, Councillor Robert Boswell, added, “I was very happy to agree to Nweeda’s request, celebrating the rich culture that all our South Asian communities have contributed to Preston over the years.”