FM and FO do nothing to highlight Kashmir issue; says Shirin Mazari


ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Human Rights ShireenMazari has said that there is a need to change the diplomacy over Kashmir issue. Addressing in Islamabad, ShireenMazari lashed out at diplomacy over the Kashmir issue.

ShireenMazari said that all the emphasis was on calling the ambassadors, Prime Minister Imran Khan s statements and stance on Kashmir was destroyed. She said that in order to raise voice for Kashmir, we have to move away from traditional diplomacy and for that we need to adopt modern methods.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Federal Minister Dr. Shirin Mazari addressing an event

“Just changing suits and dialling phones to various foreign personalities are not enough rather sufficient to achieve the goal set by Imran Khan for the solution of Kashmir issue amicably and according to the wishes of Kashmiri people”, Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr Shireen Mazari said at an event in Islamabad on Saturday.

Notwithstanding her target was Shah Mahmood Qureshi straightaway who is also being criticised countrywide over his remarks against OIC and Saudi Arabia but she avoided naming him. She was addressing an event held here of Youth Forum for Kashmir on creative and high-quality artwork on Kashmir during lockdown “Kashmir Though Art.”

Praising and pleasing Prime Minister Imran Khan, she said that he single-handedly changed the narrative on Kashmir issue with his statements as the Foreign Office did not take up the matter properly. 

“PM Imran Khan gave statements and wrote tweets on Kashmir issue and single-handedly changed the narrative on Kashmir. Had the Foreign Office and other related departments taken up the Kashmir issue seriously, the situation would have been different today and the world would have taken notice of it despite any global politics.

Referring to the Foreign Office and related departments, she maintained “but we are afraid and are not moving and not making any efforts in the UN Human Rights Council to form an investigation commission on UN Kashmir reports on human rights violations.”