Political wind started blowing in AJK, Sultan Mahmood addresses meetings


MUZAFFARABAD: Political wind has started blowing in AJK and former prime minister and PTI-AJK President Sultan Mahmood has begun his election campaign with the consent of Pakistan Premier Imran Khan. He is touring various cities in AJK persuading the people to join his party telling them that the elections are due and PTI will form the next government after winning the polls with big margin.

Pakistan’s opposition parliamentary delegation led by Shahbaz Sharif has already visited Muzaffarabad on Friday and assured the Kashmiri people that Pak opposition parties are fully with them in ‘genuine’ struggle of J&K people. AJK people and observers are taking this visit as a political manoeuvring and to muster the support. At the moment, PML-N is ruling the state but the people are not happy with it and hate the abusive Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan.

Sultan Mahmood is being brought in process at Sehansa (AJK) on Sunday

No schedule of elections has been announced sofar but it looks visible that to divert the attention of the people and overall aggressive atmosphere in AJK and tension with India, election may be held sooner or later.

Sultan Mahmood addressed a meeting of Jammu region leaders in Islamabad on Friday and toured Sehansa (AJK) on Sunday. He criticised former governments of PML-N and PPP and held them for the economic disaster of Pakistan and AJK. He was confident in telling that PTI will win the elections with majority and will form next government in AJK.

Observers say that Sultan Mahmood enjoys goods size of support on the ‘biradri’ (community) basis and may win the elections. The influence of PTI Government in Pakistan will also affect the polling atmosphere. But it is too early to predict accurately since it is just a beginning and only time will say definitely. One thing is definite that criticism of India and J&K issue would be prime on manifesto of all contending political parties.