Pak cabinet approves new map of the country including J&K at its part India reacts as an “exercise in political absurdity”


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s federal cabinet has approved a new political map of Pakistan, in which Jammu & Kashmir has been shown as part of Pakistan’s territory. The federal cabinet meeting held in Islamabad on Tuesday (4th July) with Prime Minister Imran Khan in the chair approved the new political map.

According to sources, the newly approved map of Pakistan will also be presented in United Nations Organizations, in which Pakistan has shown Jammu & Kashmir as part of Pakistan.

Imran Khan while congratulating the federal cabinet on the new political map of Pakistan vowed that, one day, this will be the permanent map of Pakistan. He resolved that Kashmir belongs to Pakistan and will remain a part and territory of Pakistan.

The prime minister on positive economic indicators expressed his pleasure stating that overseas Pakistanis are the backbone of Pakistan economy and supporting the country with remittances amidst the prevailing situation of coronavirus pandemic lockdowns all over the world.

The cabinet members stated that the Indian government is illegally making attempts to alter the constitutional status of Kashmir. Pakistan will continue support for people of Kashmir at diplomatic and political forums.

India’s reaction

India has  termed the act of displaying new map of Pakistan  as an “exercise in political absurdity.” “We have seen a so-called “political map” of Pakistan that has been released by PM Imran Khan. This is an exercise in political absurdity, laying untenable claims to territories in the Indian state of Gujarat and our union territories of Jammu Kashmir and of Ladakh,” the Government of India said in a stern statement.

India also slammed Pakistan for their malafide intentions and said it confirms the reality of “Pakistan’s obsession with territorial aggrandisement supported by cross-border terrorism.”

“These ridiculous assertions have neither legal validity nor international credibility. In fact, this new effort only confirms the reality of Pakistan’s obsession with territorial aggrandisement supported by cross-border terrorism,” the statement added.