What scientist says about new Covid wave?


LONDON: A second wave of Covid-19 could take hold in the UK within “a few weeks” if the virus is not suppressed, an expert has warned. Professor James Naismith, director of the Rosalind Franklin Institute medical research centre, made his remarks as The Daily Mail reported Boris Johnson’s fears of a resurgence within two weeks.

The paper reports his worry comes as the weekly average of new coronavirus cases rose by 28% from three weeks ago. As the government told visitors to Spain they must quarantine upon returning to the UK, Johnson warned: “I’m afraid you are starting to see in some places the signs of a second wave of the pandemic.”

Professor James Naismith

Prof Naismith said: “We all need to be clear what we mean when we discuss “second wave”.

“The UK has never been free from infection, we have had 100s of cases per day every day since March. However, the number of cases measured today are not comparable to those in detected March.”

He added that testing in the UK is better than March, when the virus was spreading so rapidly the country was locked down.

“We and other countries are detecting young people with Covid-19, in February we never noticed them,” he said.

“It seems likely that the virus spreads in this group first but with few symptoms and little illness.

“We know the virus will spread in time from young to old or more vulnerable (people) where we will see hospitalisation, severe illness and death. This will happen in a few weeks if we don’t keep the virus suppressed.”

Prof Naismith said isolation of positive Covid-19 cases will be the most effective way of tackling the outbreak and this should come with support for young people who can endure “disproportionately heavy financial and life sacrifices” to quarantine.