Pak NA told Kulbhushan conviction not overturned, no facility extended


ISLAMABAD:  Law Minister Farogh Nasim has said in National Assembly (NA) Indian national Kulbhushan Jadhav   has neither been pardoned  nor the conviction has been annulled  and no facility has been  extended to him.

Law Minister Farogh Nasim

“As per International Court of Justice (ICJ) decision it is binding on Pakistan to carry out effective review of decision in respect of Indian spy Kulbhushan besides reconsidering it. India wanted Pakistan does not  implement  this decision and we don’t comply with ICJ order so that India  could get pass resolution of every kind against us in UN Security Council and could get impose restrictions on us. Through promulgation of this ordinance we seized the opportunity from India. Kulbhushan has neither been pardoned. His conviction has not been  nullified through the ordinance and no facility was extended to him. No conspiracy theory should be invented about the ordinance. PPP and PML-N also promulgated ordinance during their terms. There is no need to ask from opposition while promulgating ordinance. Ordinance was brought in the light of ICJ verdict. We have to pay regard to ICJ decisions. This is matter of national interest, Let me speak”, he said this while clarifying the matter of ordinance regarding KulbhushanYadhav in NA Friday.

He told Kulbhushan was arrested on March 3, 2016 and the then government decided not to give counselor access being spy. This decision was correct according to the situation prevailed at that time. India moved ICJ and the ICJ gave verdict that Kulbhushan be not set free but he should be given counselor access. In NRO conviction is overturned and cases are abolished. But it has not been  done in Kulbhushan matter.

Pakistan being a responsible state has to adhere to ICJ decisions, he remarked. Do politics on other matters, But no politics should be done on this issue because Pakistan’s sensitive security matters are linked to this matter, he added.

He said ordinance has not been promulgated  secretly but it was notified in gazette.

He went on to say that PPP had raised objection it was NRO. Where it has been written in clarification that his conviction has been over turned.