UK people warned against second lockdown “within months, if not weeks”


LONDON: The UK people have been warned against a second wave of coronavirus in as little as a few weeks. Devi Sridhar, who acts as the public health adviser for Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon, warned of “constant outbreaks” as lockdown restrictions ease across the country.

Devi Sridhar

She tweeted: “I know that everyone wants the economy to go full steam ahead in the UK. But I fear we will be in another lockdown within months, if not weeks…”Eliminate the virus over the summer then open up safely. Otherwise enter winter & flu season in a dangerous halfway house.”

Continuing her warning, Sridhar added: “I know the economy is suffering and jobs are being lost. I recognise the toll that lockdown has taken and I’m not ‘pro-lockdown’ at all. “In fact my worry is about a second lockdown and how to avoid this happening. Lockdown/release cycles will destroy society and the economy.”

Sridhar’s warning comes just days after pubs, restaurants and bars reopened in England, in what was dubbed ‘Super Saturday’. The government announced that indoor gyms will reopen by the middle of July, providing strict social distancing measures are upheld.

Sturgeon will also confirm on Thursday if Scotland can move into the third phase of its plan for easing coronavirus lockdown restrictions. Sturgeon has also said that tourists travelling to Scotland from Spain will have to continue to quarantine.

She said the 14-day quarantine restriction will be lifted on 10 July for people returning or visiting from 39 countries with a low prevalence of COVID-19, including Germany, Norway and Malta.

Phase three would see customers able to return to hairdressers, restaurants and drink inside pubs, although the first minister has suggested that not all restrictions would be lifted at the same time.

Last week, scientists warned that the UK is heading for a second wave of coronavirus in winter as lockdown restrictions eased. In an open letter to the government, they wrote: “Many elements of the infrastructure needed to contain the virus are beginning to be put in place, but substantial challenges remain.