Modi invites world companies to India to establish their presence


NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendera Modi, while addressing the global audience during India Global Week 2020 lauded the mark India has left on the world during the global pandemic.
“You would have seen Namaste has gone global as a form of greeting. The pandemic has also seen the universal appeal of yoga, Ayurveda and traditional medicine world over. India’s ancient culture and universal peaceful ethos are its strength,” he said.

NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacts with representatives from Varanasi based NGOs via video conference, in New Delhi on Thursday. (ANI Photo)

He stressed on revival while linking global and Indian revival. “In these times, it is natural to talk about revival. It is equally natural to link global revival and India. There is faith that the story of global revival will have India playing a leading role,” the Prime Minister said while speaking at the India Global Week 2020.
The Prime Minister, through his speech, invited global companies to come and establish their presence in India.
“India remains one of the most open economies in the world. We are laying a red carpet for all global companies to come and establish their presence in India. Very few countries will offer the kind of opportunities India does today,” he said.
Talking about India’s economy, the Prime Minister said, “On the one hand, India is fighting a strong battle against the global pandemic. With an increased focus on people’s health, we are equally focussed on the health of the economy.”
The Prime Minister said that when India talks of revival, “it is — revival with care, revival with compassion, revival which is sustainable — both for the environment and the economy”.
The Prime Minister also appreciated India’s technological endeavours.”Thanks to technology, every penny has reached the beneficiaries directly. The relief includes providing free cooking gas, cash in the bank accounts, free foodgrains to millions of people and many other things,” he added.
The India Global Week 2020 is a three-day virtual conference, being held from July 9 to July 11. Themed ‘Be The Revival: India and a Better New World’, it will have 5,000 global participants from 30 nations being addressed by 250 global speakers across 75 sessions. (ANI)