Embezzlement of Rs. 270bn in official

funds during first year of PTI Govt

Nation special report

ISLAMABAD: Trend of corruption looks mandatory in Pakistan particularly in government departments. The latest saga has been revealed in a official report by the Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) which has astonishingly revealed embezzlement and misuse of more than Rs 12 billion in public funds in various ministries while irregularities of Rs 258 billion have been found in government funds.

Referring the AGP report FY 19-2018, the Dawn has reported that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is related to the first year of the proposed action including referring the case against the agencies responsible Areas Has been given. The Auditor General of Pakistan has finalized his report on the audit year 2019-20 and it will be presented to Parliament and the President in the next few days.

Rooting out the corruption from every section of life was the manifesto of PTI but the report has exposed this promise. The report also revealed that in violation of the law, audit teams were not provided with records of various institutions and accounts. Commenting on the audit report, the government minister said that these irregularities were more than Rs.1000 billion in previous governments.

According to private channe, apparently defending the irregularities, the Industry Minister HamadAzhar said the number had dropped by 80 per cent, adding that the PTI government needed to improve it further.

The audit report identified 56 cases of misuse of public funds and embezzlement and fraudulent payments amounting to Rs 12.56 billion. At the same time, there are 37 cases related to recovery of Rs 79.59 billion and non-submission of record of Rs 17.97 billion.

The audit also revealed 35 cases worth Rs 152.21 billion related to poor financial management.

The Auditor General of Pakistan has added in the record that the audit paras of Audit Year 20-2019, violations of the rules, weaknesses and irregularities of internal control, which were not considered important for reporting, were reported to the Public Accounts Committee of the National Assembly. I was not reported.

Based on these findings, the audit recommends that the government ensure that no expenditures are included without Parliament’s approval and budget, and that additional expenditures be made before the end of the fiscal year without determining the need and Parliament’s approval. Grants should not be issued.

The Auditor General of Pakistan also recommended to Parliament that cases of serious embezzlement of public money be referred to the investigating agencies and the government be directed to deposit government receipts and unspent funds in the public treasury wherever applicable. Go