Missing Pak journalist Anis recovered after 10 days in Islamabad


ISLAMABAD: A Lahore-based journalist, Anisur Rehman, who had gone missing on June 10 under mysterious circumstances, was recovered from a locality in Islamabad on Thursday night. This was stated by the secretary general of the Rawalpindi Islamabad Union of Journalists (RIUJ), Asif Bhatti, in a statement.

Mr Rehman, editor of Nida-i-Millat magazine, had reportedly received a phone call in which he was asked to receive his due payment for translation he did for someone. He visited the Diplomatic Enclave on June 10 and had since been missing.

Anisur Rehman

According to Corporate Ambassador Report, missing senior journalist, author and analyst, Anisur Rahman Khan has reached his home in Lahore, from Islamabad. He remained missing for 10 days in Islamabad. He disappeared on June 10, 2020 mysteriously after visiting Saudi Embassy. Secretariat Police Islamabad was supposed to register FIR of the missing journalist today (June 19). Police wasted several days in registering FIR on the pretext that the case of missing journalist did not belong to their jurisdiction. The final location of cellphone of Anisur Rahman Khan was G-11 sector, Islamabad.

On last Wednesday (June 11), Sajid Shah, a close friend of Anis Khan, lodged a complaint with Secretariat police about Khan who went missing. However, on the same night at 11pm, Khan made a phone call to his wife in Lahore from his cellphone, asking her neither to approach police nor media in his case and he would return on Monday. He also said he will get into trouble if anyone approached the police and media. The family and friends kept on waiting for him on this Monday, but unfortunately he did not turn up.

His family said that at this time, Anis Khan is taking rest and he will be able to share his ordeal in the afternoon.