Dr. Shaukat Nawaz Khan – a friend indeed


By Dr Qadir Bakhsh

London Borough of Waltham Forest Muslim community is mourning the loss of one of their community activist, Dr Shaukat Nawaz Khan, who lost his battle fighting Covid-19 and passed away on 30.5.2020. He was born in Pakistan and had all his early and further education in Britain. He was an active member of the British political, social and economic life.He generously devoted over four decades of his life promoting equality, social justice and continued empowering the disadvantaged communities. He is survived by his widow, four grown up children and grandchildren.

Although initially trained as a fashion designer, he felt more comfortable in the field of Community Development. In 1974 at Leicester he became the first Asian to be elected as President of Scraptoft University Student Union, where he trained in youth and community development for many years. During the following four decades, he held many senior positions with many influential organisations and agencies that included the European Youth Commission, British Youth Council, National Council for Voluntary Organisations, National Association of Asian Youth, Regional Arts Board, International Water sports Board, Royal Concert and Theatre, to name but a few.

Dr. Shaukat Nawaz Khan

In 1987 he was elected a District Councillor in the City of Nottingham, where he again made history when he was elected the first Asian in its 1200 year history to the world-famous office of the Sheriff of Nottingham (of Robin Hood fame).

A Business Consultant, Trainer, Lecturer, a Neuro-Linguistic Master Practitioner, Dr Shaukat Khan, until his death was the Chief Executive of both Asia Link Network International and of London East Ethnic Business Association. 

He contributed to and guided numerous organisations as a key office-bearer in the fields of education, economic development, health, and promoting arts and culture at local, national land international levels. For example, he was  Hon. Vice President of International Health Foundation; General Secretary of UK-Pakistan Cultural Foundation; Chairman of Himalayan Club of Pakistan; Chairman of British Pakistanis Foundation; Fellow of the Institute of Commercial Management, and the Institute of Leadership and Management.

He was Chairman of Dr Allama Iqbal Academy in London, Mehfil-e-Zauq, and Asian arts Council.

He was Visiting Professor of Social science at Karachi University, and regularly lectured at various Universities and institutions both in Britain and abroad.  He served on Karachi University’s and Urdu University’s Academic Research Journal’s Editorial Boards.

The Prime Sultan of Buayan (Darussalam Philippines) honoured him by appointing him with responsibilities for foreign affairs.

He was much loved, respected and adored by all the communities and various institutions. He will be sorely missed.