Sonu Nigam talks about mafia in Indian music industry


NEW DELHI: With the demise of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput stirring a debate on nepotism in the film industry, singer Sonu Nigam on Thursday spoke out on the “mafia” of the Indian music industry.

Nigam shared a 7-minute-long Vlog (video blog) on his YouTube channel where he is seen talking about roadblocks in the career of the newcomers created by big music labels and in turn urged them to be kind.

Sonu Nigham

“I want to request everyone and especially our music companies to be kind because today an actor – Sushant Sigh Rajput – has passed away, tomorrow you can hear the same about a singer or a composer or a lyrics writer because unfortunately there is a bigger mafia in the music industry than the film industry,” the 46-year-old musician said.

He then talks about how the young and struggling musicians are distressed because of the monopoly of “only two music companies” in the industry that rule and decide everything. “I came into the industry years ago and at a younger age so I didn’t fall in the trap but this new generation is going through a lot,” he said.

“They are distressed because the composer would want to work with them, the producer and director would want to work with them but the music company would say ‘no this is not our artist.’ This is not right that the power is in just two hands – two music companies only – they will decide who will sing who will not sing,” he added.

He then stressed on the fact that he is completely out of the music industry but the situation is very grim for the newcomers.

“I am out of it and neither do I have any wish to sing since the last 15 years, I am very happy in my own world but I have seen the frustration in the eyes, in the voice and in the words of new singers, new composers, new lyric writers,” he said.

“They cry and if they attempt suicide you too will have to answer the questions. Be a little kinder please, to the newcomers because they are Gandharva (skilled singers), please be a little easy on them,” he added.

Nigam then shared a personal experience and without naming anyone described how a powerful actor from the Bollywood industry had control over the music world too.

“It might happen with me that the song I am singing and the same actor who is being questioned these days would say ‘don’t make him sing’ as he has deals with Arijit Singh. So, how can you use your power like that?” he said.

“You call me, ask me to sing, and then get my song dubbed. This is funny especially because I have been working since 1991 in Bombay, I have been working since 1989 in the music industry and if you do this with me then what will you do with the young generation,” he added.

The ‘AalIzz Well’ singer ended the Vlog urging the big music labels to be “a little more chill” and humane towards the younger lot and warned that the distress might cause the newcomers to attempt suicide. “Guys you need to chill a little, be a little humane. Please don’t torture the younger ones, please step into their shoes, they need you, they need your help, they need your kindness,” he said.

“Even directors and producers are not happy because they are not being allowed to make the music that they wish to. This is not right. Creativity should not be only in two hands. Be kind so that more people do not suicide,” he added.

The alleged suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput has led to a lot of controversies in the entertainment industry. The investigations in the matter are still underway. (ANI)