Neil Basu calls for help against terrorism


LONDON: Head of Counter Terrorism Policing, Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu has said: “The events in Reading were horrifying. Once again families are grieving and a community is in mourning. For this to have happened after all we have gone through with coronavirus is especially devastating. But sadly, as one disease retreats, we need to stop another re-emerging”.

He went on to say; “Our investigation is moving quickly and we will do everything to ensure that justice is done for the victims and loved ones. Saturday’s events can leave us feeling helpless. But you can play your part to protect yourself and others from the scourge of terrorism.

AC Neil Basu

“As we begin to return to normal, and public places become more crowded, we must be vigilant to the ongoing threat. If you see any suspicious activity, don’t hesitate to ACT – report it.

“You can do that online, in confidence, via our Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) website at Please do not worry you may be wasting our time. We would much rather hear from you than miss an opportunity to step in before it’s too late.

“You can learn what suspicious behaviour looks like by doing CT Policing’s online course. It takes 45 minutes to complete the course and be in a stronger position to help save lives. Over half a million people have already taken part and I thank you all.

“If you’re at work and you want more help to protect your colleagues and customers you can download our ACT app. There is also lots of free business advice from us online. While what happened in Reading on Saturday night was horrific, I am proud of the heroes who rushed forward to help. I know these will be life changing events for you too, but your actions were an example to us all to step forward and play our part.