Pak journalist goes missing, Islamabad police reluctant to register FIR of Anis Khan


ISLAMABAD: Another senior journalist is missing for one week and Islamabad police are reportedly reluctant to register FIR of missing journalist Anisur Rehman Khan. Tuesday was the 5th day of mysterious missing of Lahore based senior journalist Anisur Rehman Khan, who visited Saudi Embassy and then went missing.

Javed Mahmood, Editor, Corporate Ambassador, has informed ‘The Nation’ London that Sajid Shah, the close friend of Anis Khan first went to Secretariat Police, Islamabad, to formally launch FIR and to get help for the recovery of missing journalist. However, Secretariat police asked him to go to Ramna police, who advised him to visit Kohsar police. “In other words, police have made rolling stone to the complainant and not registering the FIR of the case”, he stated regretting the remorseful situation.


On last Wednesday, Sajid Shah lodged a complaint with Secretariat police about missing Anis Khan. However, on the same night at 11pm, Khan made a phone call to his wife in Lahore from his cellphone, asking her neither to approach police nor media in his case and he would return on Monday. He also said he will get into trouble if anyone approached the police and media. The family and friends kept on waiting for him on this Monday, but unfortunately he did not turn up.

It is pertinent to mention here that on last Tuesday Anisur Rahman Khan visited Saudi Embassy as he was working for the Embassy as translator for years from Lahore. At 5:30pm Khan was in Embassy when his friend made him call and wanted to know when would he return from Saudi Embassy. However, the same evening the journalist went missing and his number has been switched off. Khan is working as Editor Nida-i-Millat magazine of Nawa-i-Waqt group for many years in Lahore.

Anisur Rahman Khan was using the car of his friend Sajid Shah and car is also missing from the day Khan went missing.

Javed Mahmood said that if any Islamabad journalist could help Sajid Shah to lodge FIR for recovery of missing journalist Anisur Rahman Khan, please do so. Here is cell number of Mr Shah 0321-8487400.