Racism exist in Britain, people aref frustrated and angry; says Rishi Sunak


LONDON: The chancellor, Rishi Sunak, who is himself UK-born of Indian heritage, said that the UK was now “far more inclusive and fairer than at any point in its history” and that the progress made in tackling racial discrimination was “permanent”.

“As a British Asian of course I know that racism exists in this country,” Mr Sunak said in a statement issued on Twitter.“And I know people are angry and frustrated. They want to see, and feel, change. But a better society doesn’t happen overnight – like all great acts of creation, it happens slowly and depends on the cooperation of each of us toward that common goal.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak

“The truth is we have created a country far more inclusive and fairer than at any point in its history. Does this mean our story is over? No, but we shouldn’t ignore the hard work of the many generations who came before us.”

Addressing those who caused trouble, the chancellor said: “To the small minority who committed acts of violence and vandalism last weekend, not only were your actions criminal, but they also perpetuate a dangerous lie: that the temporary excitement of destruction is the same thing as change. “You are, and always will be, wrong.”

He added: “But to the vast majority who seek only peaceful protest within the law and a better future for themselves and their children: whilst our progress feels slow, I promise you it is permanent.”