NGAG discusses corona pandemic and reopening of Gurdwaras in UK


LONDON: The National Gurdwara Advisory Group (NGAG) held a meeting here online on Friday (May 29) attended by representatives of Gurdwaras from across the UK to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and the safe reopening of Gurdwaras in accordance with Government guidelines.

Mr Gurmail Singh Malhi provided an update to the group. The NGAG is a representative body of all Gurdwaras from across the UK. Parbandaks had a good understanding of the issues that will be faced upon reopening Gurdwaras.

Gurmail Singh Malhi

It was decided the group would work collectively to produce consistent guidance in consultation with Government Bodies and Local Authorities. All Gurdwaras would be kept updated and informed.

It was recognised and appreciated that guidance had been prepared by several bodies already. The group would look to consolidate and compile a single set of guidance which Gurdwaras could use to safely reopen. 

All Gurdwaras should comply with all Government guidelinesand especially on health and safety. All Gurdwaras are encouraged to send any guidance, comments and suggestions to

The working group would seek advice as and when required from medical and other professionals  Gurmail Singh Malhi will write to the relevant Government ministers by Monday 1st June 2020. The National Gurdwara Advisory Group is to meet every week during the COVID-19 pandemic.