Farooq Haider appeals UN, other global bodies to take notice of J&K situation


ISLAMABAD: AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan has appealed United Nations and other global bodies to take immediate notice of condemnable situation in Jammu & Kashmir.

In his reactionary statement over the killing of 13 Kashmiri youths in Mendhar and other villages of Poonch district and Nawshehra area of Rajouri district, he called upon the human rights bodies to play their due role and help stop Indian atrocities on the unarmed Kashmiris.

ISLAMABAD: AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider discussing LoC situation and other issues related to AJK with Prime Minister Imran Khan at the PM House on Tuesday.

Farooq Haider stated that such alarming situation could pose a serious threat to the global peace. He also urged Pakistani government to step forward and take some solid practical steps that could help alleviating the sufferings of Kashmiris.

He said Indian forces had accelerated their atrocities on the Kashmiris amid the global coronavirus pandemic. “Kashmiri youth was being slaughtered and their properties were being destroyed instead of providing them medical aid”, Haider added.

He said Kashmiris who were being victims of Indian constitutional terrorism are besieged in their houses since 5th August last year. “Now, India through the changes in domicile laws, changing the demographic composition of the disputed territory converting majority Muslim state into a minority”, he added.

The Prime Minister said it is high time for the world community to come forward and raise voice over the Indian nefarious designs.