38 Tablighi Jamaat members will donate plasma for corona patients


HYDERABAD: AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi has said that 38 Tablighi Jamaat members including 25 from Telangana, who had earlier recovered from COVID-19, will donate their convalescent plasma to help in the treatment of other patients.

“We encouraged recovered Tablighi Jamat members to donate convalescent plasma so as to help the other patients in their fight against coronavirus. Earlier, I had submitted 32 names of recovered Tablighi Jamaat members to the Government of Telangana, who had come forward to donate their plasma,” Owaisi told media persons.

ASSAM: Migrant Madrasa Students carry their luggage to a quarantine facility after they arrive from Uttar Pradesh, in Tezpur on Tuesday. (ANI Photo)

“The Jamaat has been demonised as ‘super spreader’ and even been accused of ‘corona jihad’ by some sections of the media. However, members of the Jamaat have been seen donating blood plasma and helping other COVID patients in this collective fight against coronavirus,” he added.

Owaisi further said that the lockdown imposed in the country is unconstitutional as the States are responsible for public order, health, and law and order under the Constitution, and not the Centre.

“The lockdown is unconstitutional. In the Constitution, under the State list, the States are responsible for public order, health, and law and order. The Government of India cannot violate the 7th Schedule of the Constitution. They cannot use the National Disaster Management Act to dictate the State governments. I am not against the lockdown, but the states should have the provision,” he said.