Sabir Hussain jailed for 11 years over child sex offences in Oxford


OXFORD: Following a Thames Valley Police investigation, a man from Oxford has been sentenced to a total of 11 years’ imprisonment after he was found guilty of multiple non-recent child sex offences.

Sabir Hussain, aged 42 of Nye Bevan Close in Oxford, was found guilty by unanimous verdict of one count of rape of a child and 12 counts of indecent assault of a child in a trial at Oxford Crown Court which lasted seven days. He was convicted on 4 February this year and was sentenced on Wednesday (29/4) at the same court.

Sabir Hussain

The offences occurred in Oxfordshire over a six-year period in the 1990s when Hussain carried out multiple offences against a boy who was aged under 16 at the time. The offences came to light when the victim reported what had happened to him in 2017.

A Thames Valley Police investigation began, and Hussain was charged on 23 April 2019. Specialist investigator Mark Hewston of the Child Abuse Investigation Unit based at Oxford said: “These grave offences came to light many years after Hussain had committed them and his crimes have had a lasting impact on his victim.

“I would like to pay tribute to him for his courage and dignity in coming forward and reporting these crimes. He has supported our investigation from the outset, and I hope that this conviction and sentence will allow at least some closure for him and that he can now move on with his life.

According to Asian Image report, depraved paedophile Sabir Hussain had denied a string of charges alleging indecent assault as well as one count of rape. The abuse was claimed to have covered a period of years throughout the 1990s.

At the end of his trial at Oxford Crown Court in February jurors reached unanimous verdicts on all counts after five hours and 35 minutes of deliberations.

Hussain was found guilty of 13 counts of indecent assault and one count of rape. He was cleared of one count of indecent assault. At his sentencing hearing on Wednesday the same court heard how the repeated sexual abuse had had a ‘profound, severe psychological impact.’

Reading from a victim personal statement prosecutor Nadia Chbat said the man now suffered problems with alcohol abuse, which he put down to what he suffered as a child. The victim said: ‘This man has ruined my life to the point I was hiding behind a different personality. I hope for one day [that] this is something I can move on from.”

During the trial prosecutors detailed how Hussain had sexually abused his victim dozens of times from the age of 11 onwards.

Prosecutors said that most of the abuse took place in Hussain’s attic bedroom, including the rape when the boy was around 14 years old.

It was detailed how the sexual assaults also saw Hussain, himself a teenager at the time, ‘pinning’ the boy against a wall in an alleyway and performing a sex act on him, as well as making him take a bath with him and ‘kissing his feet’.

Hussain took to the witness box to profess his innocence and claimed he was ‘never alone’ with his victim.

In mitigation at the sentencing hearing Martin Khoshdel said that his client had been of ‘previous good character and otherwise exemplary good conduct.’

Sentencing, Judge Maria Lamb said that the victim had suffered ‘enduring’ harm following his ordeal. She said: “You took advantage of him for your own sexual pleasure. “You knew that what you were doing was wrong.”