Shops across England can open this month if guidelines met; announces Boris Johnson


LONDON: Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that all shops across England will be able to open next month if they can meet the coronavirus guidelines to protect shoppers and worker. “Outdoor markets and car showrooms would be able to open from June 1 if they are safe to do so”, he said at a news briefing at 10-Downing Street on Monday.

All other non-essential retailers – such as those selling clothes and books – will be allowed to open from June 15, provided the guidelines are met along with the Government’s five tests for easing the lockdown.

Boris Johnson-briefing

He said that the risk of transmission is lower in outdoor areas, where social distancing can be easier to enforce. Earlier this month, garden centres were permitted to reopen in England, Wales and Northern Ireland as part of the easing of coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

The Prime Minister said: “We will set out our formal assessment of the five tests that we set for adjusting the lockdown later this week as part of the three-weekly review we are legally required to undertake by Thursday. “But because of the progress we are making I can, with confidence, put the British people on notice of the changes we intend to introduce as we move to step two.”