Saba Qamar shares her pain over loss of eight years for love


KARACHI: Pakistani actress Saba Qamar has said she wasted eight years of her life, saying that she was in relationship with someone but the end was extremely painful.

“We girls are taught at our early age that they should not leave the first man who comes into their lives even if they (girls) die. But this one sentence ruined eight years of my life as I was mistreated and cheated to another woman,” said the actress in a recent interview.

She also talked about her present life during the ongoing lockdown caused by Coronavirus. Saba Qamar who got fame through her appearance in Hum Sab Umeed Se hain also shed light over her personal and professional life. “You know he used to humiliate me often and later married her cousin,” said Saba Qamar.

Saba Qamar

The actress, however, did not mention the man she was in love with for last eight years. She went on to say: “He lied to me, mistreated me, humiliated me and later apologized but this relationship was important to me because I was thinking about marriage. I thought he would change but he didn’t and destroyed my mental peace. Soon I got to know that he was interested in his cousin and married her leaving me. I got to know through Facebook status that he had married.”

According to a Global Village Space report,  Saba Qamar revealed that she was once in an abusive relationship for eight years in a recent online chat show ‘The Chat Show.’

The actress took an unapologetic and inexorable dig on her former partner. Saba Qamar hilariously made startling claims in the show. The actress opened up in detail about her relationship when asked about her love life.

“Since a young age, girls are taught that you should rather die than leaving the first man in your life. This one sentence also ruined eight years of my life!” said Saba. The actress added that she was abused and mistreated before being left for another woman.

“He used to lie, misbehave, assault, but later apologize. However, because commitment and marriage were the same for me, I kept going on for eight years thinking ‘it’ll get better’ but he didn’t get better he ruined my mind!” she said. The actress said that her former partner ditched her after eight years of relationship to marry a girl from his family.

She said that following the end of her first relationship, she found another partner. However, that relationship did not even last for more than eight days.

Her video of startling confessions about her love life is making rounds on social media. Her fans and followers are appreciating her calling out an abusive man openly. They said her confessions publicly show her strength to discuss the unpleasant aspects of her life without fearing social stigma and backlash.

With on-screen characters like Mannat in drama serial Cheekh and Fauzia/Qandeel Baloch in Baaghi, the actress has proved her mettle. Now in her latest, the actress kept her spark alive.

Even late Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan was in awe of the acting potential of Saba Qamar. In a recent Instagram post, Saba Qamar recalled how Irrfan Khan appreciated her as she made her Bollywood debut alongside him in ‘Hindi Medium’. Actress shared an old video of Irrfan Khan’s interview, posted pictures from the time she worked with him.

Irrfan Khan shared his experience of working with her. He also told how they selected Saba Qamar for the movie, in the video. Irrfan said “We were looking for someone spicy, someone with a sense of humor and who, aside from being beautiful, can act as well. So this combination was hard to find.”

He went to add that, he first saw Saba Qamar in a YouTube video. He said, “I thought she’s great, she has something in her. So I took that video to the filmmakers and Saaqid loved her. He asked to make a call to her after which she arrived and did a wonderful job.”

Qamar has established a career in the Urdu television industry and is the recipient of several accolades, including four Lux Style Awards, a Hum Award, and a Filmfare Award nomination. The pre-partition drama Dastaan proved to be Qamar’s first success in which she played the parallel female lead, earning her the Pakistan Media Award. Besides acting, she worked as a host and comedian on the political satire Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain from 2009 to 2015.