Britain refuses to extradite Hanif to India


LONDON: Britain has refused India’s request to extradite Tiger Hanif – described as a ‘classic fugitive’ by the high court of England and Wales – to face charges related to two blasts in Gujarat in 1993 as a revenge for the 1992 Ayodhya demolition.

Mohammad Hanif aka Tiger

One of India’s high-profile cases in the UK, Hanif, reported to be an aide of Dawood Ibrahim, was arrested in Bolton in 2010. He exhausted options to block extradition after it was cleared by the Westminster Magistrates Court and the high court in 2013.

The Home Office has confirmed that the extradition request for Hanif – full name: Hanif Mohammed Umerji Patel – was refused by former home secretary Sajid Javid and was later discharged by the court.

Hanif’s extradition to India was first ordered by former Home Secretary Theresa May in June 2012. (Due to short of space, details of the story to be published in next edition.)