Coronavirus more lethal than the nuclear bomb


By Senator Rehman Malik

This one-gram virus is becoming more lethal than the nuclear bomb. It has created a hysterical situation among world leadership. Unsubstantiated blame games at the global level can lead to an irreversible cycle of the war of words, which may lead to a serious divide in the international community, which can bring World War III. It only requires a trigger and this serious blame game can be the cause. Propaganda must be halted with wisdom and mutual understanding, learning lessons from World War II and how disinformation started from Pearl Harbour. The world must work together to overpower this invisible enemy and the UN should investigate and find out if any anti-human group or any state were involved in its creation. It is unfortunate that in Pakistan, our politics has made coronavirus a playing field as well, and the political shows look like a circus of allegations which is bad for Pakistan’s image and future political health of the beloved country. Coronavirus is essentially a big force of invaders that gives no warning and uses whatever available means of transmission worldwide.

Those countries who were wise to its attack were quick to block it by hiding its primary medium, which is the human body. Ms Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, acted like a real statesperson as she hid her family (New Zealanders) under a complete lockdown by offering meaning and purpose to what they were being asked to do with direction and care, unlike other world leaders who sought compliance from their people. She cancelled out the medium factor in her country and defeated the disease through the difficult and rare approach of a complete lockdown. The world should be proud of her, as she is an iron lady with great administrative skills. There was no propaganda against the actions under her command. I wish other countries including us also should have followed in her footsteps. I was really upset to note that we, instead of fighting against this virus by destroying it, have already produced corona-affected political media fighting teams where we are not on one page.

It looks like the provincial and federal governments and political parties are working for the media and not the public. Fake publicity and the race to display of their progress are prioritised through their respective advisors etc. Here we have a big question; if public representatives really work for the cause of the public or media – I have seen them being shown on tv while delivering a single pack soap or less than a kilo of wheat as a display for the camera as if he or she has defeated the mighty virus corona. I think all the displays of ration distribution activities should be totally banned from the media.

The world is in turmoil and the western leadership is unable to hold its nervous feelings in; it looks as if this tiny force weighing less than one gram will change the world order in the coming months. This minute force seems to have overtaken the fear of the nuclear deterrent as well. According to research, the weight of a virus is measured at 0.85 actograms or 0.85x(10)^-18 grams, or about one-millionth of a trillion grams. You may check the weight of the virus in the latest medical journals. 70 billion viruses that will make a person sick attract about 0.0000005 grams. Since the total number of cases worldwide is now over 2 million, the total weight of the rogue viruses which are present in the world comes to about one gram.

This virus and the creator of the virus has brought the entire world on its knees with a total of just one gram of virus. I have been posing this question constantly; why, with all the advanced medical technology have we failed to find its antidote so far. Some background interviews indicate that the same virus attacked in 1994-95. Medical experts have been doubtful about its origin right from that time – that it is a natural – but no authentic proof is available. It is said this will keep coming and going and every time with different mortality rates. I have advocated this even in my book to let the world know about its origin and it is for this very reason I was compelled to write to the Secretary General of the Security Council (SGSC) to constitute a high-powered UN commission to trace the origin of this virus and the identity of patient zero.

I am not satisfied with the non-coordination between the federal and provincial governments; immature media teams are acting irresponsibly by causing irreversible damage to a collective thought process and the national unit at this difficult moment in time. I hope the PM will take this seriously and call an All-Parties Conference (APC) and evolve a workable national strategy to counter this invisible force. Our nation needs to follow the path of unity and future actions must be taken with collective spirit and within the defined democratic norms, otherwise it may lead it to collapse, making it subject to circumstantial and abrupt changes.

Opinions expressed are solely my own and not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of my party.

(The writer is a PPP Senator, former Interior Minister of Pakistan and Chairman of think tank “Global Eye” and Senate Standing Committee on Interior. He can be reached at:, Twitter @Senrehmanmalik)