Saba Qamar hopes for things to be better between India and Pakistan


KARACHI: Leading name in Pakistan showbiz industry, Saba Qamar had made her mark in Bollywood as well by sharing screens with the late legend Irrfan Khan.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, only days after the death of the actor extraordinaire, Saba expressed her sorrow and looked back on her time spent on set with Khan.

Irrfan Khan-Saba Qamar

“I’m devastated. I’ve learned a lot from Irrfan. Working with him was nothing less than a fan moment for me throughout. As an actor, I believe that acting is actually behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances. And I actually saw that in him,” she said.

“There was never a dull moment when he was around. We used to crack jokes with each other all the time. He always used to make me learn new things and give pro tips on life,” she said.

“When I entered the room where he was sitting, he started singing the song Badan pe sitaraey… for me. I’ll always cherish the entire time I’ve spent with him,” she added.

Treading ahead and speaking of the love she received from her audience across the border in India, Saba expressed hope for things to get better between the neighbouring countries.

“I am of the belief that acting is a form of blended art that shouldn’t be restricted to a particular type or even a country. It should be assorted in such a way that even we enjoy it and so do our fans and audiences. It is this assortment which I miss. I’d love to do more movies for my fans if I get any opportunity,” she said.

With the coronavirus lockdown imposed on both the countries and a large part of the globe, Saba hoped for things to soon get better.

“It is the same for us all at the moment. I believe we are all in this together and we should use this time for self-reflection. We should learn not to hold grudges and be positive all the time because life is too short and unpredictable. I really hope and pray that everything gets better soon,” she said.