Capt Moore receives 140,000 cards on his 100th day birthday


BEDFORD: Captain Tom Moore was overwhelmed with emotion on his 100th birthday as his grandson presented him with a photograph of the Bedford School’s Great Hall filled with thousands of birthday cards.

The war veteran – who turns 100 last week- captured the hearts of those around the world when he committed to completing 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday to raise funds for the NHS.

Captain Moore managed to raise nearly £30 million for NHS Together Charities and after a whirlwind month of fundraising activity, he will be spending his milestone birthday at home with his daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore and her family who he has been self-isolating with.

Benjie Ingram-Moore presenting his grandfather with a photograph of his birthday cards

Bedford School pupil and his grandson, Benjie Ingram-Moore, presented his grandfather with a photograph of the Great Hall filled with his 100th birthday cards on Thursday afternoon.

Captain Moore was overwhelmed with emotion as he read out the birthday cards outside his home. The Second World War veteran said: “It is quite extraordinary that I am turning 100. “It is even more extraordinary that I am doing so with this many well-wishers and I am in awe at the response my walking has had. To everyone who has donated, sent birthday cards and messages, sincerely thank you. Please stay home, stay safe. Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day.”

According to an Evening Standard report, a total of 140,000 cards were sent and volunteers at the school have been busy opening the mountains of cards from well-wishers including royalty, celebrity, school children and people from around the world.

It took more than 140 members of school staff, parents and pupils 1,750 hours to open each card for a special display in Bedford School’s Great Hall. An additional £60,000 was also received in the birthday cards, though Captain Tom has asked for any money to be donated to charity.